Romans Magnified

written by David Long, illustrated by Daniel Špaček

editor Hattie Grylls, typesetting Myrto Dimitrakoulia
agent Joel Minter, Dutch Uncle London
ISBN 9780711266858, 25*31cm, hardcover, 48 pages, 17 detailed spreads
published June 2022  by The Quarto group, Wide Eyed Edition

Zoom in to discover what life was like for Ancient Romans in this innovative and interactive illustrated title that takes you right into their fascinating world.

Learn what life was like for the Romans – from the Senate and the Colosseum to the market, the public baths and beyond. Using the free magnifying glass, seek out incredible facts about ancient Rome in this search-and-find adventure, packed with over 200 things to spot.

Sections Include The Emperor and Senate, The Roman Army and Navy, Marriage and the Roman Family, Romans at Home, Chariot Races and Gladiators, Romans Market, Reading and Writing, Roman Roads, Hadrian Wall, Public Baths, Slaves, Music and drama, Pompeii and detailed map of Roman Empire.

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