In 2015 I had a wonderful experience working as art director for comedy tv mini series Kosmo. It is about first Czech astronauts on their way to the Moon. With chicken. And racing with Polish spaceship. It is really crazy :) 

Amongst many other various things I was designing a spaceship which was by screenplay build from tram, the interior of this spaceship, Slovak spaceship and many more fun stuff. You can take a virtual tour on the spaceship tv set ​​​​​​​ here 

Spaceship ŘÍP-I first concept
Spaceship ŘÍP-I development sketches
Spaceship ŘÍP-I development sketch, variant T6
Spaceship ŘÍP-I development sketch, variant T3
Spaceship ŘÍP-I development sketch, final design
Miniature model of spaceship in studio
Slovak space capsule POSOL, miniature model
Moood visual sketches
Main cast in spaceship
Fully operational interior scientific equipment
Command module
Spaceship interior shooting set
China space launch center - visual concepts
Mission space patch
Space patch of Poland crew
Tv series screenshots
Movie poster
2016 TV Mini-Series

produced by Logline and Czech Television

creative producer, screenplay Tomáš Baldýnský
director Jan Bártek
director of photography Petr Bednář, Darko Štulič
producer Petr Erben
actor coach Zdeněk Dušek
art director Daniel Špaček
visual fx supervisor Boris Masník
miniature model makers Robert Vaněk, Lukáš Malý

online video archive of all episodes here

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