Do Nepaměti / Into Oblivia

written and illustrated by Tomáš Končinský and Daniel Špaček
design Petr Štěpán, typesetting Veronika Kopečková, editor Petr Eliáš

published 2022 by Albatros publishing house
ISBN 9787-80-06613-4, 256 pages

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Book is listed in White Ravens 2023 catalogue, featuring 200 notable new children’s and young adult books of the whole World. See catalogue here.

Awarded as ‘The Most Beautiful Czech Book of the Year’ in category Children's literature, in competition that is held by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Museum of Czech Literature.
Jasmina is a very ordinary little girl. Sometimes she forgets to do her homework and sometimes she remembers she really just doesn´t want to do it. Why remember stuff anyway? Best to let everything out of your head and just enjoy yourself! However, one day Jasmina realizes that in an eerie place called Oblivia all of her memories can be stolen. On her adventurous journey through many fantastic worlds Jasmina finds out why what is remembered should always be protected.
Flying vehicle develop sketches

And as a special bonus original music soundtrack for the book, composed by Mythematica (Daniel Špaček).

Into Oblivia (Music From The Original Book)

14 songs, 1 hr 11 min

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