To draw teeming images is sometimes quite crazy. It consumes lots of time and you can easily get lost in them. I have realised, that even more crazy is to draw one of those images twice. As part of winter excercise to overcome creative block, I took this older image, that was done in ink and aquarelle, and I have turned it into its full digital version. I was able to add some more details and friends. And yes, it took me more time than I have expected, because you can tweak and edit the digital here and there. Anyway I felt that the digital style is now more in line with my current commisioned style.
Welcome to the Imaginary city 1.1, the digital edition.

You can find the first analogue version here

14000 x 10000px, Illustrator + Photoshop
Breakdown: 1/ Adobe Illustrator inking line, 2/ Roughened overlay ink line in Photoshop, 3/ Coloring and shading on final image.
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