Things age, surely it hasn’t escaped your notice? I wouldn’t have thought you would miss it. Take your eye off something for a moment, and suddenly the new becomes old and devalued. Who is to blame for this? Imagine that the process is controlled by small creatures living all around us, in the hidden places of this world. It’s a lot of work and responsibility! Our hero, Překlep, specializes in publishing mistakes and one day realizes that those he sees aren’t happy with broken or old things and embarks on a journey to stop the ravages of time. Will he stop ageing? And who gets the Crystal prize? What role does a speaking dung beetle have to play? The answers can all be found within this epic children book.
Factory for ageing of books
Překlep a Škraloup, our heroes
Things age, surely it hasn’t escaped your notice?
Stains and Mold farm
School trip to sweet shop
The Time.
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Překlep a Škraloup

Written by Tomáš Končinský and Barbora Klárová
Illustrations Daniel Špaček
Layout and typography Petr Štěpán
Editor Petr Eliáš
Corrections Veronika Kopečková
published by Albatros publishing house in October 2016, czech language

24x30cm, hardcover, 120 pages

all illustrations were made in Procreate

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